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(IWAMS2017) We will be attending Webmaster Access in Amsterdam (8th-10th September 2017).

We'll be attending this year as well as last year at Webmaster Access in Amsterdam.
If we missed out meeting in person last year, let’s try to meet this year.
You'll find us at London 1 meeting room (Adult Force/Pornhub/TrafficJunky) for three days 8 - 10 September 2017.

Please write us at in order to schedule a meeting.
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New TGP style landing page in the c4m link codes section

A Brand New Landing Page TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Post) style was just released under Link Codes section.

With its brand new design, the manually selected content and a good sales funnel this page aims to bring you more conversions.

We have built two versions of it, a German version TGP Landing Page GER and an international one using English TGP Landing Page ENG

Go! Grab! your linking code and start testing the TGP with your traffic. You can do that by clicking "Here".


Meet us up in person at the European Summit in Sitges / Barcelona during 4.- 7. March 2017 and lets discuss business opportunities together.

If you will attend and would also like to meet us, please contact us via skype: cash4members in order to schedule a meeting.

We are looking forward to some successful conversations.

 photo MDH Dating Landingpage Small_zpssfpgnhqj.png
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- tenDIRTYyears - 10 years of mydirtyhobby - 100% rev share for the whole of December

“dirty birthday to you”!

We are inviting you to celebrate 10 years of mydirtyhobby together with us - get a full 100% rev share payout during the whole of December.

The next 4 weeks you will earn a full 100% rev share payout for every initial payment users do on mydirtyhobby
- this our birthday present for YOU!!!

Create your 100% rev share campaign here:

For any questions, please simply contact us via:


Skype: cash4members

 photo MDH Dating Landingpage Small_zpssfpgnhqj.png

Best Regards,
Your Cash4members Team

05.10.2016 API is now released and available inside Ad Material -> API.

We always look into offering our affiliates competitive and dynamic marketing tools. This week we have a new addition among Promo tools.

The API we just released allows any affiliate webmaster to create a custom website from scratch by pulling the content directly from and build its own hosted website, while applying his own design for desktop, mobile, SEO techniques, link exchange etc. he was always dreaming of.

A brief API documentation can be found inside 'Ad Material -> API', together with a couple of examples that will provide the boost needed for a good start.
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Create your own Landingpages even faster with the new Thumbconstructor.

Customize your own landing pages even faster and easier with the new Thumbconstructor.

The new preset is giving you the opportunity to immediately create a ideal landing page containing all latest Top Videos.

Simply click on "Generate Iframe", Done!

Once the landing page is generated, it will be Updated permanently and automatically either weekly or monthly so your visitors always see the
latest videos without you having to change the link.

Furthermore you can fully customize the content of the Thumbconstructor landing page individually and cater it according to your Traffic.
Choose the Top Videos of a specific category, webcams, top amateurs or your own list of hand picked amateur profiles to build the
best offer for your niche and audience.

Find and create your own Thumbconstructor landingpage here:

Examples for individualized settings for landing pages:

Domina / Softcore / No Play Button

 photo MDH Dating Landingpage Small_zpssfpgnhqj.png

Mature Woman / Softcore / Play Button

 photo MDH Dating Landingpage Small_zpssfpgnhqj.png
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We will be attending Webmaster Access in Amsterdam (15th-18th September 2016).

Since most of our chats and discussions are done via SKYPE, phone or email, we would love to finally meet up with you in person. If you will attend and also like to meet us, please email Daniel at or write him via SKYPE: ‘daniel_webcams’ in order to schedule a meeting.
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Did you know how to generate a direct link?

You can use the following links as landing pages for your banners, redirects, pop ups and pop unders and fully customize them to send users directly to the profile, video, category or keyword search.

You only have to fill in your NaFF Code from one of your campaigns in the parameter "/xzMjAWAU/" and adjust the video or profile ID for the desired amateur or clip.

The landing pages for categories, keyword search, profile and videos are fully customizable and can be made suitable for your needs just by changing the profile/videos ID or the search parameters.

Here are some example links:


Video Search / Keywords

Direct to video

Direct to Profilvideos

Direct to profile
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More Amateurs, More Profit!

Bring new Amateur/Camgirls to mydirtyhobby and earn even more! 10% referral for every Amateur.

Contact us via mail for the brand new banner material and your amateur referral link.

 photo MDH Dating Landingpage Small_zpssfpgnhqj.png
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Flash banner block on Chrome and Firefox

Dear Affiliates,

Major browsers like Google and Mozilla have now both pulled support for the flash plugin on their respective Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Over the past years Adobe Flash Player proved to have major security vulnerabilities, thus we’ve also decided to stop providing any promotional materials build in flash for our affiliates.

Please make an inventory of your banners in use on your websites that are made in Flash and should direct the users to and . Those need to be replaced with the new HTML 5 banners available inside the Ad material / Banner section in cash4members.

Take action, and replace any remaining flash banners on your websites with HTML 5 Banners which are more appealing and convert a lot better then the old ones.

Find the banners here:
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